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Women's Floral Not Formal Kit

Women's Floral Not Formal Kit

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Banger designs Banger quality 

Zusha’s art is going to give you the creative, unique edge to stick out on the road and make people lose their pants. 

We have created for you a top-of-the-line jersey with supreme quality. 

Our jerseys are made of elastic microfiber polyester with microcells that allow a constant airflow that will keep you feeling fresh.

Couple that with some fabric wicking technology to help keep you as cool and dry as possible throughout your long rides.

Collections inspiration

Sababa is an Arabic word used in Israeli slang that means “it’s cool/ it’s all good.” It’s basically the middle eastern Hakuna Matata.


“The inspiration for this art came from me leaving the hypocrisy of the daily 9-5 routine to pursue and indulge in what I truly enjoyed. Too many people get caught up in taking life too seriously and not slowing down to enjoy what they have in front of them. Truthfully, it's all sababa, take a breath and live the moment. That is my everyday motto” 

- Zush. B

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