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  • What size am I?
    Please have a look at our size chart page to find your fit. If you are still unsure you can contact us directly and we'll help you out. Note: Our sizing is based on the European standard, so sizes are typically true to usual sizing besides for size XL and up. If you usually order plus sizes we would suggest sizing up to get your optimal fit.
  • What are your care instructions?
    Here's what we suggest 1. Turn your product inside out to limit the abrasion on the surface of the fabric. 2. Machine/hand wash on delicate with mild detergent 3. Wash in cold water 4. Hang dry only 5. Do not use bleach, softeners, or any hot settings as they will damage the fibers and shorten the life of your garment. 6. Do not iron it.
  • Where are your kits made?
    We've partnered with a prestine manufacturer in Columbia to produce our apparel. All artwork is done at our office in Houston.
  • What’s your returns policy?
    We are generally flexible with customers when it comes to returns and exchanges. You can check out all the details on our Returns and exchanges page. Orders are only refundable when the product is fit to be resold or when there is a manufacture defect. See manufacturer defects for more details.
  • What can i customize with your artist?
    We are always looking for new challenges and opportunities. We customize pretty much anything for your team, company, or event. Whether you want to customize apparel, shoes, helmets, or bike parts we got you covered. If you have any questions or would like a quote feel free to contact us.
  • How do I become an ambassador of your brand?
    Hey! just reach out to we'd love to speak with you and make this happen.
  • I would love to join your team of artists. How would I go about that?
    What's up Tim, our brand is made of artists like you. To get the ball rolling on a collab send your information and your portfolio to We're looking forward to hearing from you!
  • What's your lead time for a standard team order?
    Shoes: Once your time slot arrives, it would take aroud a week and half to finish the design and have it sent back to you. Custom kit: Production time is 4-5 weeks from once the artwork is confirmed.
  • Where are you guys based out of?
    We are mainly located in Houston, Texas, but we have another office up in Philadelphia.
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