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Your shoes are the most fantastic canvas to express your vision and create an incredible piece of art.

Something you can delight in daily and be the envy of every ride!

Each design is created by working closely with you, turning your ideas and memories

into a long-lasting reality.

You’ve come to the right place to stand out!


Each shoe has a soul, a story that reflects the story of the one who wears it. Throughout the development of the shoe, we work closely together to ensure results you are in love with!


"Being an avid cyclist, I know and appreciate the importance of the kit and especially my shoes. 

As an artist, I love to combine my passion for both and strive to create wearable art with materials that can last a while and can survive many a storm.

Trust me I tested it all! "

- Zush Bettoun


The Studio

Seek inspiration for your next design

as you browse through the studio.