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Hey, I'm Zush Bettoun, (pronounced Zoosh)

A nomadic artist, (currently in TX) combining my passions of cycling and art since I was born.  

My entrance to cycling began as I crashed my motorcycle as I backpacked in Vietnam. Being properly broke, I rehabbed myself on a bicycle until I fell...again. My shoes were scraped pretty bad so I doodled on them to rejuvenate them. From there came an onslaught of custom shoe requests.

What killed me was the lack of enjoyment in such a fun sport. Everyone was competing for a second here or a watt there. It was a sport of measuring sticks! My dream became to bring joy and fun designs to a community that thrives on smiles, happy coffee breaks, and fond memories.


Don't be boring, embrace adventure, NVR LoOK BaCK!!!

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